The Update

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

So it turns out dating creates some serious admin. Firstly, 8 dating sites is a lot. Secondly, you have to constantly text. Endlessly text. ALL the men ALL the time. Then you have to meet them. Then you have to get over the disappointment that threatens to break you. Then you have to buck your ideas up and keep going.

Then, you’ve got to write about it. And I have. A lot.

So I’ve decided to Craig David it. With seven days of juicy content.

Hopefully there will be some good advice for other daters and hopefully it will be funny and uplifting.

But initially I was not a fan. As you can see when a married friend jokingly texted the below:

If you have a partner, when you go home tonight take them flowers, give them a shoulder massage, go down on them for hours. Even if you currently loathe them and can’t stand to look at them, thank them for their existence in your life and the barrier method they provide against the dating battlefield. IT'S SAVAGE OUT HERE!

So, yeah, initially I wouldn't say I was loving it. But it's not all bad. Some of it's been mediocre. 

But it's given me lots to say. So brace yourself as I Craig David my love life for the world to enjoy. 

Toot Toot! 

P.S. Let's get some eyes on this shiz. If you know anyone that's dating and could do with some solidarity, send this link or get them to subscribe here

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