Affiliates & Samples

Some links on Good JuJu Explores may contain affiliate links which means if you click on an affiliate link and then purchase an item through that link, I may receive a small percentage. The cost to you is exactly the same. I will only ever recommend products that I love and use myself. At this current time, I have purchased all products and have not received any press samples or free gifts. If this changes and I am sent products to review I will update this disclaimer.


I am wholeheartedly committed to only recommending products I would happily pay for and will always give my honest opinion on everything I review. Please email me at info@goodjujuexplores if you have any questions.

I can’t guarantee that everything I review will be applicable to the skin/hair type, dietary or allergy requirements of others so wherever possible please test products yourself before purchasing and ensure you check the ingredients and safety advice relating to all products before use.

Advertisements & Sponsorships

If I feature sponsored content for which I am financially compensated this will feature ‘AD’ in the title and include the words ‘This is a Paid for Advertisement by X’. I will only ever work on campaigns that I would happily endorse without remuneration.


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All content on this site is my own. Please do not copy, reproduce or publish any content without my permission. You can contact me at info@goodjujuexplores.com if you have any queries.

Thank you!

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