September 2018

Instead of being at war with ourselves, how would it feel to let our bodies be at peace?


May 2018

When someone takes their love or desire away. We don’t cease to be wonderful. We just cease to be the person on whom their gaze rests.

Time, Fear, Patience & Trust

October 2018

How many of us walk around with a worry umbrella up to protect ourselves from adverse weather/life events? As if anticipating upset could ever stop it being upsetting. It will make no difference to how something feels when it happens; future moments will be full to the brim with themselves.

Have You Ever? I Have

March 2018

There were painful triggers that contracted me, but the sense of separateness, the feeling of aloneness came from getting stuck in state of contraction. 

It's Not You, It's Me

August 2018

We had lemon lamenting polenta cake with lashings of poor me pouring cream. We drank I-am-on-my-period-because-I-am-not-bloody-pregnant bloody marys. And instead of dancing we wept. 

Self Criticism

April 2018

To discover our most expansive selves we need to create a friendly internal atmosphere.

Attraction to Emotionally Unavailable Men

June 2018

I was running alongside them and focusing on their problems because I didn’t want to fully be with mine.

Instagram "PerfectBodies

February 2018

Shame, self loathing and competition-mentality needs to be unearthed, picked up and really looked at. What would happen if we reclaimed our powerful blood and bones?


August 2018

My heart was broken, but my back was no longer stooped with the weight of uncomfortable truths. 

What Is Love?

May 2018

It takes two people to commit to loving. And it is the loving, not the being in love, that offers enduring comfort, shelter and connection.

Feeling Inferior 

January 2018

I have always felt a need to justify myself, gain approval, be somehow made to feel good enough. I have felt ashamed of who I am.


May 2018

Heartbreak is like birth; people remember it hurts, but unless you’re in it, you can’t fully recall its intensity. The stark fear that grief will overwhelm you until you are nothing but loss.

Reclaim Your Body. It's Not Theirs. It's Yours. 

November 2018

Be kind



Be kind 


November 2014

I allow myself to be held in stasis, like a nostalgic plastic action figure pining for the days when it was still in its box, with the packaging sealed. Dreaming of activity, but not actually getting the scratches and bruises that come with it.

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