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We are each so many wild and wonderful, messy and delicious, curious and courageous things.

So many blogs showcase the most glamorous sides of life - travel, style, beauty - and I’m passionate about these things but I'm also passionate about connection and truth; being open, honest, reaching out and sharing the less tidy parts of being human. 


So here it is, all in one place. Sharing what I'm learning as I explore life; relationships, heartache, shame, feeling stuck, feeling brave, self doubt and self compassion. 

You can read my articles, subscribe to my newsletter, purchase my art, follow me on Instagram and join me as I explore this sometimes dark and scary, sometimes bright and glorious world. Whilst delighting in the pleasure to be found in functional and beautiful things. 


I’m so happy to have you here for the journey. 


G O O D   J U J U   means

L U C K 

&   G O O D    E N E R G Y 

About Me



Answers to questions you didn’t know you wanted to know…


What’s in a name

My name’s Juliet and my nickname's JuJu. Good JuJu means good energy and I have delusions of being an explorer (like Indiana Jones but without leaving the house) and thus Good JuJu Explores was born. 

Something weird

I used to drink olive brine from the jar in the fridge as a sneaky TREAT. Weird child. 

Something embarrassing

There was the time I was worried I was Jesus. As a young girl I had a concerning propensity towards overthinking things. One morning I approached my dad with a pained expression on my face and implored him for advice...


Me: What if I’m the reincarnation of Jesus and I’m supposed to be doing good in the world and instead I’m just playing with my teddies?


Dad: What makes you think you might be the reincarnation of Christ? 


Me: I’ve got the same initials as him. 


Something sexy

I've been blessed with extremely generous amounts of unwanted body hair. If I had a penny for every time someone stopped me in the street to say 'hello, is that a chin or a sprouted potato?' I’d have an IPL empire. Oh well, chin up. Stiff upper lip wax and all that. 


Something funny

I like jokes for children. I discovered my favourite joke by asking Alexa to make me laugh and she really came through for me. 'What's a pirate’s favourite letter? You might think it would be R but a pirate’s first love be the C'. C’mon! It doesn’t get better than that. 

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